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The Kominka Forum

We have established the Japan Kominka Association's International Office with the aim of providing opportunities for people around the world to learn about old folk houses and traditional building methods and participate in the preservation and reconstruction of these extraordinary structures.


The Kominka Forum is the portal through which the group's events, projects, and activities are organized. We work in collaboration with the Aichi Kominka Association.

About the Japan Kominka Association

The Japan Kominka Association is a national organization which works to share the culture of Japanese folk houses and pass on traditional carpentry skills through the reconstruction of old houses. They seek to increase understanding and appreciation of kominkan within communities and at all levels of the government. 

The organization contributes to the revitalization of local economies through the restoration of kominka and provides straightforward access to information on various incentives, such as subsidies from local communities and the national government for acquiring kominkan. 

Since being established in 2009, the Japan Kominka Association has grown steadily and now has 65 branches and 400 member organizations in Japan. The Japan Kominka Association undertakes various initiatives and carries out a range of activities, including:

Coming soon:

  • A nationwide English language database of available kominka

  • Support for all stages of acquiring a kominka - from finding to moving in

In place now:

  • Kominka loans

  • Database of available kominkan 

  • Carpenter training workshops

  • Community DIY workshops

  • Rural revitalization projects

  • Professional appraisals

  • Underfloor inspections

  • Earthquake resistance evaluations

  • Photo competitions

  • Kominka related publications

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