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Kominka-Related Resources

Organizations in Japan and beyond working to increase awareness of kominka and advocating for the preservation and revitalization of these extraordinary structures.

Not for Profit Organizations


Japan Kominka Association (Japanese)

The Japan Kominka Association is a national organization which works to share the culture of Japanese folk houses and pass on traditional carpentry skills through the reconstruction of old houses. The organization also contributes to the revitalization of local economies through the restoration of kominka. Since being established in 2009, the Japan Kominka Association grown steadily and now has 65 branches and 400 member organizations in Japan.


Kominka Japan (English)

Kominka Japan is non-profit organization (application-pending) whose aim is to raise awareness and appreciation for traditional Japanese architecture throughout Japan and around the world. 

Kominka Renovation


Toda Komuten (Japanese, English)

Toda Komuten, a longtime advocate for folk house preservation and restoration in Japan, disassembles old Japanese folk houses which are in very good condition but are scheduled to be demolished and rebuilds them for use as homes, studios, home offices, and shops. They are passionate about maintaining the integrity of the Japanese aesthetic while using modern technology to ensure that reconstructed komika are comfortable, and energy-efficient spaces in which to live and work. 

Kominka Collective (English, Japanese)

The Kominka Collective has started a new project with Toda Komuten of Shinshiro Japan to bring reclaimed and restored Japanese kominka and traditional Japanese materials to North America with the aim of giving these beautiful houses and irreplaceable materials a second life and to provide opportunities for people outside of Japan to live with and enjoy traditional Japanese architecture. 



Seek Sustainable Japan (English)

Seek Sustainable Japan is a talkshow and podcast interview series hosted by JJWalsh an American expat long-time Hiroshima, Japan based educator, content creator and entrepreneur. 

Tokyo Llama (English)

A podcast documenting the process of buying and renovating an abandoned Japanese farmhouse, as well as videos of other renovations and related topics in Japan.

Traditional Carpentry Related

Kezuroukai USA (English)

Kezurou-kai USA is a diverse group of designers, builders, and makers with a deep interest in learning and perpetuating the practice of hand tool woodworking. Much of the organization's inspiration comes from traditional Japanese woodworking, architecture, and construction. Today, Kezurou-kai USA works to support and promote this tradition of excellence through their efforts to introduce, train, and challenge interested individuals who want to make hand tools and techniques central to their work.


Horakuan (Japanese, English, German)

Horakuan is a Zen Buddhist Retreat Center nestled in the mountains of Suzaka in Nagano prefecture. Removed from everyday hassles it allows a spiritual journey to connect with our innate wholeness and lead us into a place of spiritual renewing, nourishing our soul.

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